Wednesday, 9 July 2014

In May of 2013, my husband and I realized that we had WAY too much free time and decided to re-do our kitchen!

I think it turned out okay - you?

How We Did It:
We used Benjamin Moore Advance paint to paint the cabinets (as recommended by Sherry and John over at  YoungHouseLove.) I have to admit, we were skeptical and I may have cried on more than one occasion in terror at the thought that we had just ruined the entire kitchen. Although painting cabinets is extremely labour intensive, the paint is very durable and saved us a buttload boatload of cash. It has been over one year and the wear and tear is minimal.  - Win!

We added a new backsplash (so easy, more on that later), wood above the cupboards to make the room feel taller and changed the appliances. It's a pretty big difference for so few changes!

**** The before picture is actually of my neighbour's house- it's exactly the same as our previous kitchen, but our counter top was different (and we didn't change it.) Don't sue me! (Also, sorry neighbours.)

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  1. Wow, the look of white cabinets look amazing!